You, O Amazingly Average Proverbs 31 Woman, have an immense capacity to stretch your heart, to stretch forth your arms of mercy and love, to be the hands of Jesus, reaching a hurting and lost world. You be the comforting arms, that welcome the lost into the safety and comfort of the haven of home.

When you reach out your hands to a child, one that has no fear, and recognizes love and affection, what do they do? They reach out to you, and you swoop them into your arms, and if they’re willing, you can twirl them, or hug them tight, or make funny noises as you nuzzle their cheek, or raspberry their belly, or toss them into the air while they giggle. Oh, the beauty of the innocence of a child.

No wonder everyone loves babies. They are pure, and they enjoy pure love and intimacy, and we can share our love and affection for them with no barriers. What happens as they grow older, and we have to treat them with casual indifference?

There is a baby language that we are free to speak with a toddler, and we remember the language, and speak it with joy, as long as they let us!!! But before long, we learn to pull back, to create barriers, to ‘respect’ their personal space, to wall off our naive and simple ability to connect our hearts with theirs, through the power of a hug, the power of touch, the power of innocent physical intimacy.

When’s the last time you ran up to your six foot nephew and blew raspberries on his belly? Or tossed and tickled your sixteen year old niece?

Ever consider the power of a hug? Ever had a hug from one of those rare individuals who know how to wrap you into their bosom and speak love to your soul? You just want to sink into their embrace and absorb their affection.

Outstretched arms. Arms that are welcoming. Arms that know how to enfold others into a safe haven, the feeling of home, the power of a hug. It’s a wonderful gift. Don’t hold back. Open your arms and enfold a lonely one into the home of your hug!




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