Maybe your day is filled with moments of monotony and mundaneness (is that a word?). I would check it, but it just seems too mundane at this moment.

Maybe you are getting endless drinks for little people, and wiping sticky fingers, and changing diapers, and emptying the washing machine for the umpteenth time today. (I’m pretty sure umpteenth is a word).

If you have three little people, with ten fingers apiece, you might wipe 1800 fingers today. Wow! But, they are precious, tiny fingers that will grow longer and thicker and hairier as the mundane moments turn into a misty memory that isn’t nearly as delicious as the sticky fingers of this moment.

In your mundane moments today, just remember that all you truly have is the moment. This moment will pass, and another will take its place. And it might be even more mundane than this one. . . and not nearly as precious!

So, let’s practice turning some particular mundane moment today into something monstrously momentous.

I’ll never regret the moment in a busy day, when I took my daughter into my arms for a squishy hug. (It was back before she turned into the girl with a personal bubble space requirement). I held her for a long marshmallowy (not a word) moment, and I whispered to her, “Always remember this moment, and remember what it feels like to be loved and hugged and cherished, and whenever you have a moment when you are alone or lonely, remember how much your mother loves you.”

And even though she’s not particularly fond of hugs these days, she still remembers that hug, and that moment. . . and so do I, especially now in the quiet moments when I wander into her bedroom, and hear the deafening noise of her absence in the unlaurelness (a new word).

But the moment of loneliness isn’t nearly so regretful because of all the sweetly mundane moments that we shared through the years.

So, today, in the midst of wiping sticky fingers, steal a sticky kiss. Suck the sweet stickiness of the moment right off those fingers in a playful moment with your toddler — it only takes a moment, and the giggles will be worth it! And sooner than you think, it just wouldn’t be as much fun to do that. . . and the moment will be gone. . . and their fingers will be ogre-ly hairy! (Again — not a word, but it is so fun to say ogre-ly, and it is a very descriptive and appropriate word — don’t you think?!!)

Make a deliciously sweet scrumptdeliumptuous moment today!