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I think I have five more minutes before the hunger pangs get too severe! Just five minutes to encourage you.

One of the most important roles you have is in the wife and mother to your family. No one loves your husband or your children as much as you do. No one has the power to make them feel as special. No one can give them the security and feeling that all is well with the world like you can.


Don’t underestimate your value to your family. Instead, what if you took this day to realize that you have great power and potential to change the future for your family? What would that look like today? Would it be love notes, or encouraging texts? Would it be words of encouragement? Would it be validation and victorious words?

Does it express itself in warm cups of tea shared with words of wisdom, nutritious meals, cuddles on the couch, a favorite book shared together, a game of Parcheezi after the dinner dishes are cleared? Maybe it’s a simple hug that is given with the understanding that the warmth of that one hug has the power to travel through the years to wrap that child in your love and prayers.

You are an incredible woman of worth, and your effect is enormous. Believe it and act on it today. If nothing else, pray. Do you know that your prayers have power to set things in motion that are desired in Heaven? Why else would Jesus have taught us to pray “Thy will be accomplished on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Time’s up. Time for pancakes. . . or whatever special thing you have to do right now!