Even if your husband does not profess faith in Jesus Christ you can still connect with him in meaningful ways on religious holidays. Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday to share a spiritual connection with your husband without preaching to him. So surprise him by connecting with him in a spirit of gratitude, without pressuring him to participate in a public prayer of thanksgiving.

He might consider it to be disingenuous, unauthentic or even somewhat dishonest to participate in a prayer that isn’t heartfelt. So, instead offer him an opportunity to share with you in making a list of the things for which you are both grateful.

Here are some ways you can celebrate thanksgiving in your home:

  • God is ever present, and He doesn’t need for us to acknowledge His existence in order to BE in existence! You don’t have to ignore his presence either. When you do bring God into the conversation, consider doing it in a non-threatening, non-preachy way by saying something like, “I thank God every day for you. I am grateful that I have a husband who . . .” and then list at least three things that you respect about your husband.
  • Post verses of thanksgiving throughout your home that reflect the wisdom of scripture without shouting out the biblical reference. Truth is truth.
  • Find Thanksgiving and gratitude quotes by famous people, who are quoting Jesus and the Bible! You might be surprised to hear him repeat one of your quotes, and to embrace the truth of it! Somehow it seems different coming from someone else! You might consider reading a historical record of the first Thanksgiving Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Thanksgiving comes from a spirit of gratitude. Model a spirit of gratitude each day.
  • Don’t focus on what you don’t share in your faith; celebrate what you both do share in gratitude at Thanksgiving.
  • If you like to thank God three times a day at mealtime, then consider thanking your husband three times a day, too! If you follow up your mealtime prayer by looking your husband in the eye and respectfully thanking him for his loving provision — he’ll probably never grumble about mealtime prayers again!

May you bless your home and your husband by surrounding him with a spirit of gratitude, and making your home a haven of thanks giving all year round.


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