Five minutes to tell  you how a heart of gratitude can change your perspective on just about everything. . . even your marriage!

Sometimes we think only in terms of how things affect us. When he’s grumpy, we wonder what we’ve done. If he’s withdrawn we feel isolated. When he spends time doing other things instead of being with us, we wonder why he doesn’t want to be with us.

Well, it might be time for a new perspective. It’s really true what they say. . .

Everything is not about YOU!

Sometimes he is really distracted, or anxious about something, or needing some downtime, or just needs some time with a hobby or his buddies. It’s okay. Use those times to enjoy something of your own, and to celebrate and be grateful.

He’ll be back!

Meanwhile, change your perspective and consider all that you have to be thankful for. A heart of gratitude will change your perspective on just about everything — especially your present situation or circumstances.

Today, it seems like gratefulness abounds. I have to make a list of some of the very simple things that made my heart soar with gratitude today.

  • A day surrounded by nephews!
  • Sunny summerlike day in November!
  • Rock jumping
  • Treasure to discover — like mussel shells and animal bones and fossils
  • Tag at dusk
  • Throwing rocks in the pond
  • Swings
  • Snuggly baby
  • Holding a tottering two-wheeler for a tenacious boy
  • Ready-made lasagna to slide in the oven so I had more time to visit with my mom and sister!

Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring the greatest joy and pleasure.

And if you begin to change your perspective, it seems to change everything, even if your circumstances remain the same! It works with marriages, too!

Hope you make a list of your own!