Perspective is everything.

If you get a chance read over Numbers 13 and 14, about the story of the twelve spies who went in to spy out the Promised Land before their intended conquest.

“Neither fear ye the people, for they are bread for us.” Joshua and Caleb saw the immense harvest of the land. They were excited to take the land.

The other ten were fearful. “We are grasshoppers in their sight.”

And they were both right.

Your world is made real by what you believe (and speak).

If you see your battles as giants waiting to squash you — they are.

If you see your battles as huge grape clusters ready to be eaten, consumed, relished, and the fuel for further battles — they are.

If either way is truth. . . if our perception of reality becomes our truth. . . then it is important who we listen to, who we surround ourselves with, what messages we allow into our brain, and what filter we use to view our world.

Our perception of our circumstances will become our reality. Do you want to look at your circumstances through the filter of what God says is your future, your Promised Land? Or do you intend to look at it through the filter of your past failures, your own weakness, your own frailties?

“Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might!”

Go in and conquer the giants today, and take possession of your inheritance. Slay fear and depression, cowardice and faithlessness. Eradicate rebellion and complaints. Annihilate slander and self-pity.

They are bread for you!

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