Do you have a list of things that you’re working on crossing off before Christmas?

Me too!

But I just had a tremendous idea. . .

What if I crossed the list off?

No. I mean just cross off the entire list. One big check-mark.

Forget the successful little check marks beside each task that would prove that I’m perfectly organized and have accomplished my self-prescribed list of tasks.

What if I just crossed off the whole list, threw it away, refused to be controlled by my list?

What would that look like? Would I self-combust or would the world cease to exist?

I’m going to make a list of all the things that I would like to accomplish before I fill the house with guests on Friday evening. . . and then I’m just going to cross off the entire list.

Here is my list of things that I wanted to accomplish before  my family (who loves me anyway) comes to my house. . .

  • Reattach and grout that piece of tile that has come loose.
  • Repaint the trim around the kitchen window over the sink.
  • Tack up a few pieces of trim that we just never got around to after we moved in. . . five years ago. . . what’s the hurry?
  • Clean the basement — who is going down there anyway?
  • Clean the garage — again — who is going in there anyway?
  • Finish that cool decorating project I started in my master bathroom — again — who is going in there anyway?

So, that’s the list of everything that I’m not going to worry about getting finished before Friday. As soon as I check it off, I’ll be finished! Wow! I feel so accomplished! I think with a few strategically placed barricades I can keep everyone from noticing these minor imperfections. And if I’m really clever with the dessert table, they won’t even notice the grout. . . maybe utilize some mood lighting. —

Hey — that’s a great idea — if I use some candlelight  for ambiance,  I won’t even have to dust the ceiling fans!

. . . and if I send out a quick text to the family to stop and use the restroom at the convenience store before they get here, I won’t even have to clean the bathrooms. . . hmm. . . maybe they can also go through the McDonalds drive-through, and I can skip the whole meal thing. Bah humbug! 😀

Seriously, if I throw out the list of items that I want to accomplish for my own sense of perfection, then that frees me to do the things that will really make my family feel welcome in my home. I can have time to get it company clean, and make some delicious treats, and get the mood music on, and adjust the lighting just so. . . and it is going to be a wonderful evening of fellowship and food!

And if I hadn’t just published it for the world to know, no one would ever suspect that I hadn’t cleaned the garage. . .

Are you with me? Got your list made? Ready to cross off the whole thing? Check. That was easy!

Merry CHRISTmas,


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