A blank slate.

A blank piece of paper.

A blank canvas.

A new year.

A blank mind. Yeah. That’s what I have today. . . a blank mind. The year stretches before me, and I want to say something significant and profound. . . something that would really move and inspire you. . . and there’s nothing.

Sometimes something new and blank, just waiting for something wondrous to appear. . . is kind of scary. It’s like a blanket of new snow that you don’t want to ruin with footprints.

I once heard someone say that when they bought a new car, the first thing they did was just go ahead and scratch it. Otherwise they were so particular and fastidious about not getting it scratched, that it just ruined the joy of the new car.

So, I’m thinking about just jumping in with both feet and making a big mess today.

Just mess up big in 2012 and get it over with!

Just take a big blob of paint and plop it on the canvas of 2012.

But. . . just maybe when I plop that blob of paint on the canvas, something inspiring will appear, and out of the mess will emerge a masterpiece. The key is to just do something.

Don’t let fear of imperfection hold you back from trying.

If you’re going to fail, fail big! In fact, failure is a worthy opponent!

So get out your paints, mix up a colorful mess of hues, and start smearing it on the canvas of 2012. You might be surprised at the beauty that appears.

So, who’s with me?

Time to get messy! Happy Messy New Year!