I am Woman. Hear me roar.

What’s that supposed to mean anyway?. . . Doesn’t sound very attractive, or seductive, or alluring, or beautiful! And just ask the people who love you if they truly like it when you roar. . . probably not so much. . .

Oh, it can be funny. And sometimes it gets results. And sometimes you’ve just had it, and from the primal depths comes a hideous full-body roar. But, don’t wait until it gets to that point. Don’t let them push you to the point of having to roar to get their attention.

You the da mom.

Just do it.

Lay down the law — in a loving voice, and in terms that they’ll understand.

See this [insert word of choice: DS, Wii, Play Station, Ipad, Smart phone, TV, DVD, stereo, Ipod, computer, laptop]. . . it’s going away until [insert demand]. You don’t have to scream or shout or roar. Very calmly, and with an angelic smile on your face, just negotiate the terms of surrender.

From now on, there will be no [insert word] until [insert demand]. *(((((hugs))))* *smiley face* LOL!!! You could text them the same message, but then you’d lose the element of surprise, and that is essential. Possession is 9/10’ths of the law. . . and you have to retain possession of the little gadgets (or the power cord or essential attachments). And don’t take any of that sass about, “I paid for it.”. . . in a whiny, sniveling, hostage-taker type of voice. YOU paid for it when you gave birth to them, and until they move out, you owe them the gift of guiding them, teaching them responsibility, and helping you keep your sanity!

Electronic gadgets are not a necessity. They are a bonus, a privilege, and a great motivational reward for getting things done around the house! You don’t have to be mean and nasty. Just get their attention. “Sure you can have it back. As soon as you finish your chores and do your homework. . . and get some exercise — Vitamin D is essential to cellular function, you know!” All said with a smile!

Yeah. I’m a woman and I can roar if I wanta. I just don’t wanta. . . today.

Roaring and all that — stuff — is fine out there in the jungle, but in our homes, husbands and children tend to like the soft and loving woman. . . go figure! So, be the loving mom. You’ll be surprised how happy you will be when they start scurrying around the house picking up their stuff, doing the dishes, and racing through the homework they said they didn’t have! Can’t wipe the silly grin off your face!

And you know that old saying about your bark being worse than your bite? It’s not true. Even a mama dog will nip her pups from time to time. Skip the roar! Be the mom, and bring some order and routine into your home, as you take back control without the roar!

You can do it! You’re a woman! Be da mom!!!

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