When I want to treat myself to a moment, I prepare myself a drink. Not that I’ve taken up drinking or anything . . . but there is something soothing and refreshing about taking a moment of my day and bathing it in a beverage.

The choice of the drink depends on my mood.

And the drink is not so much the determining factor as the vessel.

I want a certain vessel to cup in my hand to help me celebrate the moment — and depending on the moment I want to create — well, that determines the vessel I choose.

Sometimes I want the smooth feel of a certain mug, sturdy, reliable, a big cup of warmth in my hands, so the steam of the contents can seep into my fingertips and the palm of my hands, to spread to my heart and warm my thoughts.

Sometimes I want a tall chilled glass, tinkling with cubes, refreshing me with vibrancy and clear thoughts so that the jolt of icy goodness gives me a fresh perspective.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a goblet, a globe that rests in the base of my hand, the stem of the pedestal between my fingers, as I swirl tangy grape juice around the rim, and sip the tantalizing tartness, shocking my tongue, startling my synapses, sparking a creative thought.

Occasionally I want a common styrofoam cup that I can toss when I’m finished, like the wadded crumpled sheets I tear from the legal pad and toss in the trash when I’ve gone on to something better.

When I’m on the go, I choose my practical spill-proof Contigo travel mug.* I can drop it in my lap (without the ensuing suing). Or I can shove it in the bottom of my purse when I enter a ‘No Drinks Allowed’ zone. Or if I make a sharp corner when I’m driving, and the mug falls out of the cup holder, bounces off the console, tumbles into the back, and rolls under the backseat — I don’t even grab for it because I know it won’t spill a drop!

That’s me most days — versatile, practical, dependable. I am that travel mug — most of the time.

But sometimes, I’m a delicate tea cup, and I need to be handled with care.

And sometimes I’m fine crystal to be admired and protected — from a distance.

Or sometimes I’m a sturdy mug, and you can fill me with everything you’ve got, and I’ll have room for more, and there’s enough to satisfy everyone.

Occasionally I feel like that styrofoam cup — used, crushed and discarded.

Dear sister, what kind of vessel are you today?

Whatever shape you find yourself today, there is a Master who wants to fill you up with all good things to refresh and satisfy, and so that you can pour out into others with whatever He fills you with!

You are a noble vessel, selected to perform good works, useful for the Master’s service. He wants to pour into you today, so that you can pour out to others. He knows what use He wants to make of you, and you are perfectly designed to be of service to Him.

Open yourself up. Accept the love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, all the juice of the fruit of the Spirit that He wants to pour into you.

And then be available to pour into others, to refresh, to nourish, to bless.

Be “an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” II Timothy 2:21

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Be a vessel today! Get filled up and start pouring out His goodness to those you meet today!

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