Anyone still have a VHS player?!

Easy tip for today!

Make time for your husband; in fact, make a date for tonight!

Do something fun together like you used to do when you were dating.  What did you enjoy doing back then?

  • Go to a movie
  • Take a walk
  • Play a game (we used to play miniature golf)
  • Go shopping
  • Go on a romantic picnic
  • Go parking. . .
  • Don’t talk about the kids or the finances, or anything serious.  Just have fun.

There is plenty of time to fight about . . . I mean discuss serious and dreadfully important things later :-).

You’re married — it’s okay for you to take the initiative to ask him out on a date!  Ask in such a way that he won’t turn you down. . .

  • Hide a note under his pillow
  • Or under his sausage patty
  • Write it in lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  • Or here’s a sure way to get his attention, write a note, wad it up and stuff it down your shirt. . . get creative and send the message in a way that he’ll get it!  And the fun begins!

Don’t have a baby sitter?  Well, then recreate the date family-style.  If finances are tight, make a mini-golf course in the backyard or the living room and play with styrofoam cups, brooms, and that wadded up date invitation!  Tell the kids what you did for fun before they came along.  Show them how he used to steal a kiss, and listen to them giggle.

Or recreate movie night.  Make some popcorn, get some pillows, throw down some blankets, and after the kids are comfortable on the floor, turn out the lights — while the two of you sit behind them on the couch. . . making out in the dark!  After about five minutes they might ask when the movie’s going to start, but just say, “Shhh. . . it won’t be long.”

Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll fall asleep in the dark waiting for the opening credits to begin! Or give your husband a loud kiss and your older kids will run from the room — then you’ll have the movie to yourselves!!  Popcorn and a movie may take on a whole new meaning for you!

At the very least, tell your husband that if he’ll put the kids to bed, you’ll meet him in the bedroom with some bubbly.  Get some sparkling grape juice and some bubble bath, and celebrate!  I guarantee you he’ll offer to put the kids to bed more often!

The only rules:  don’t place blame or guilt him into taking you out. Don’t say:

  • We never. . .
  • You haven’t. . .
  • You always. . .
  • How come. . .

Plan something that won’t be too difficult and that fits within the budget, and then be open to suggestions if he comes up with another plan — and be cute and playful!  Have fun on your date!

Still got a sip or two in your mug?

  1. Close your eyes and recapture the feeling of your early dates. You’re still that same girl. . . recreate the mood, and then have fun with it!
  2. Journal your dream date. What would you do? Where would you go? Write all the details. Then set the date of when you’re going to realistically do it!
  3. Make a list of three interesting things you could discuss on your date that do NOT include children, finances, or other hot-button topics. . . choose neutral, interesting topics!

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