I asked my husband what my tip for today should be.  I thought perhaps he would like to weigh in on this ‘100 Days to My Anniversary!’

He said, “Tell them that we men are not as complicated as they think we are.”

That seemed like a complex statement,  since I had spent many years of our marriage trying to understand my husband!

But, then I remembered another conversation we had a few years ago.  I asked him what three things he really wanted from me.  (It didn’t match the list I thought he’d say!)

His answer surprised me.  He said the three things he wanted from me were:

1.  Make me feel like I’m important to you.

2.  Be loyal to me.

3.  Show me affection.

Your husband might have a different list, but then again, since men aren’t that complicated. . . they might all want the same things from their wives!

Our tip for today:  Find out the three things your husband wants most from you, and do at least two of them!

I’m sure you will both enjoy it!

What three things does your husband want most from you? Ask him. The answers might surprise you!

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