How to attract a man Won Without Words

How to attract a man Won Without Words

[quote]Today’s Marriage Challenge: Do not cling to someone who is aloof; instead withdraw and appeal through grace, dignity, self-assurance and beauty, all the while remaining approachable so he returns and is captivated by his own desire.[/quote]

There is an attraction that is repellent, as in the cling of a static-y sock to your pant leg.

You might have read the tip Pouting Causes Wrinkles, and thought,

“That’s all fine and dandy.  Talk about aloof — my husband is a loof!  My husband doesn’t know I’m alive.  I could complete a doctoral program, learn to speak another language, and grow a third arm, and I don’t think he’d notice.”

They say the pursued always flees.  If your husband is withdrawing from your advances, then it might be wise to try another approach.  There was something that attracted him to you in the beginning.  You are still that same woman — only better! Give him some space, and appeal to him with a calm confidence that is irresistible!

There is nothing more repellent than static cling! Or a spider’s web stretched across the hiking trail!

Attraction, like magnetism, is most effective from a small distance!  [tweet this].

Be confident and  dignified, not clingy and needy.  You can’t force your husband to be attracted to you, but you can be irresistibly compelling and attractive in your attitude and demeanor.  Be salt and light! (Matthew 5:13-14, 16).

You are beautiful and valuable, and worth more than rubies.  Be the rare treasure that you are, and let your beauty (and God’s love) shine through!

  1. Are there some ways that you try to get your husband’s attention that are actually repellent? List the undesirable methods that you sometimes employ (clingy, needy, whiny, berating, complaining, pointing out his weaknesses?)
  2. What actions seem to really work when you’re trying to attract your husband? List them. Can you overcome your frustration and employ one of these?

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