I planted a wisteria this week. Even though I haven’t a trellis. . . But I want a trellis some day, so I bought a wisteria, and I planted it. By the time the plant grows to the point of needing something to climb — I believe I’ll have a trellis!

If I wait for the trellis, it could be years before I get one, and then more years for the wisteria to grow, and I want to enjoy the fragrance of my wisteria before I have grandchildren!

What’s so special about a trellis? You might wonder at my excitement. After all, it’s just something to climb. . .

But, oh the exotic adventure of the climbing of the trellis!

The whole thing starts out bare and branchy in the spring. Looking like it should be cut down and burned. But if you give it time, shoots of green soon spring out, and cover the vines, and a lush shady arbor appears on the trellis. And then the blooms. Glorious blooms of purple against the verdant leaves.

Perhaps the fragrance is loveliest. Awwwww, deep sigh!

Whether it’s a rose trellis, or a grape arbor, or a wisteria trellis. . . there is beautiful, fragrant repose near the trellis.

And of course, there is always the intrigue of the possibility of a Romeo encounter when a trellis is nearby!

Perhaps Solomon was the original inspiration for Shakespeare’s romantic trellis scene:

I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.” May your breasts be like the clusters of the vine, the fragrance of your breath like apples. . .” Song of Solomon 7:8

Of course, the euphemism of climbing the trellis to take hold of the fruit is not lost on us, we who have enjoyed the fruit of the Saturday Grapevine!

The wisteria is just a stick in the ground now. The grape arbor looks all dead and branchy. . . the rose bushes are full of thorns. . . but a day is coming when I will enjoy the beauty of my wisteria, will catch the fragrance of the roses wafting by, will enjoy the fruit of the vine. . .

All in due season!

Are you in a dry branchy season? Are you despairing that beauty will ever bloom? Do you wish for an as yet unseen trellis? Do you long for a romantic balcony experience? Or perhaps you’ve just had a busy week and haven’t had time to connect with your lover.

Go plant a wisteria! Dig the metaphorical foundations for a trellis encounter today! Find a balcony, spread some rose petals, and call out “Wherefore art thou?” Invite your lover to climb your trellis, and enjoy the delights of the arbor! And enjoy the sweet fragrance of love in springtime!