Let's Celebrate LOVE for 100 Days!

Well, I just had an inspiration (II Timothy 3:16). I know I told you there were 3 things you could do all year to get roses on Valentines Day 2012, but I’m going to break it down into a smaller, more manageable unit — one hundred days.

I’m going to commit to sending you a tip every day beginning February 22nd — something you can do for one hundred days to change your marriage. Are you on board with me? Email this to a friend and see if she’ll come along for the ride! That will take us up to June 1st, and what a coincidence — my twenty-seventh anniversary is June 2nd. This will be a great prelude to my anniversary.

And when I celebrate my anniversary this year, I want to have you celebrate along with me by hearing about your new marriage! Perhaps your husband will say like mine when I found this note taped on my mirror one morning:

“Okay, I’ll ask this once. . . Who are you and what have you done with my wife? Not that I’m not having the time of my life [edited for personal privacy ;-)] However, once I find her or she returns, I’m going to be in trouble like I’ve never seen! The fact that you look just like her is irrelevant. Won’t matter. So you just as well ‘fess up — where is she?” Hmmm?”

This is going to be fun! But, if you start, you can’t quit until the WORK is finished in one hundred days. Deal? Be sure to sign up for the automatic free email posts so you don’t miss the important tips!