What if everything is going all wrong?

You barely see your husband because he’s busy with work.

The few times you pass, he’s on his way to fix something, and you’re on your way to fix someone.

But who fixes things for the both of you?

Who comforts you when you’re scared in the dark?

Who do you get to call when the parts just don’t fit together right, or there’s something heavy to lift, or something scary to squash?

I told my husband one day that I wish things were simpler. I liked the days when I could fix everything for my children with a hug. His answer surprised me. “You still can.”

Even though I don’t get to fix their grown-up problems, I can still fix them by just offering them my embrace and love. Sometimes they just need a hug — even a long distance one.

And it works for husbands and wives, too.

When you feel overwhelmed . . . when the world seems to be spinning out of control . . . when you’ve had to deal with people who are unlovable. . . when the future looks scary and uncertain. . . when you just need a friend. . . a hug can fix almost anything.

When you’ve lost connection with your husband. . . when it seems like you’re strangers. . . when you can’t remember the last time  you just had fun together. . . ask him to meet you in a quiet place, and just ask him to hold you. . . for a long time.

And then begin to tell him your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your desires. Just whisper them. Don’t ask him to fix them. Don’t ask for anything except a tighter, longer hug. And then begin to tell him what his hug means to you, and how much you value him and his embrace.

A hug will fix almost anything — for both of you.

That’s today’s marriage challenge — go give that lovable man a big bear hug!

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