Today’s Marriage Challenge:  Do not allow your efforts to become futile by being distracted by the truth of today.  See things through faith as they will become, and love in advance the completion and not the work in progress.

We just celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, and who knew that the little ragamuffin I have mothered these past eighteen years would turn into such a beautiful young woman so quickly?

I guess I should have known that her wispy red curls that would never stay in the hair barrette would eventually turn into masses of soft vibrant tresses that frame her beautiful face.

I had hoped that those big awkward teeth would straighten out, but I couldn’t predict the words of wisdom that would some day come from the same little lips that worked so hard to overcome speech impediments. Or that the same tongue that was so quick and sharp could also be tamed and controlled with such power and restraint.

And who could have known what joy awaited?  Now, that little girl can run the house . . and the business!   She is beautiful, wise and wonderful!  Who could have known?  Well, God did.  He knew the plans and purposes for her, and He allowed me to be a part of it.  Thank God there was so much joy in the journey.  But, what about those days when she was helpless, childish, immature?

What purpose is gained in being frustrated and failing with the natural imperfections along the journey?  If I’d thought the future consisted of tempestuous tantrums and endless explanations, I might have been tempted to give up.  However, in faith, I knew she would grow up, and that we wouldn’t always be struggling over tasting every new food.  The same is true of your marriage  He knows what the end will be, and He wants to share it with you in faith.

Faith is the ability to keep going on the days when you see no success, pushing through knowing that some day there will be fulfillment.

It might be true that your marriage is lifeless, dead, sapping the joy out of your life. . . today.  Don’t just look at the truth of today.  In faith, believe what is possible.  Begin to live today as though the truth of tomorrow were in evidence. . . right now!  Your marriage is a journey, too.  What if you began to live in your home as though you were happy, fulfilled, satisfied, contented, gloriously in love with your husband. . . today? What kind of tomorrow would that bring?

The husband you have today is not the same husband you will have in five, ten, twenty years.  He is a work in progress, too. Love him today, with a little of the love his Heavenly Father has for him.  Love him in spite of his immaturities.  Love him in his failures.  Love him in spite of. . . in advance of the perfection, the completion!

There is value in him.  You chose him.  You saw the potential once.  Don’t get frustrated with today. . . there is a tomorrow. . . there is a hope and a promise. . . tomorrow is beautiful, for He is already there, and knows what awaits.  See it in faith!