Another of our Summer What If Series. . .

What if I could risk feeling the pain of disappointment and betrayal in order to embrace love with arms open wide without wincing?

What if I could die to selfish desires in order to live — and move — and breathe love?

What if I could say no to petty immaturity and walk in patience?

What if I could walk in the light of His love instead of under the cloud of offense?

What if I could lay aside the pride and arrogance of the right to be right, in order to know humility?

What if I bowed down to injustice and allowed Him to lift me up?

What if I walked in grace each moment of this day?

What if I became a temple of the Holy Spirit, my heart the Holy of Holies, as my home became the temple courts filled with the praise of true worship?

What if I cast aside every vain imagination, tore down every false assumption, trampled the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and danced through the stained ruins into paths of peace, beside still waters?

What if I run in the path of Your commands?

What if I fear no evil?

What if goodness and mercy follow me today.

What if I feasted at the table, invited my detractors, and resisted the evil advances of the presence of my enemy?

What if?

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