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Today’s topic: Revive Your Attitude

My husband has this quote hanging in his office:

“I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

Attitude is so important!

If you’ve been married long enough (and we all hope to be married a long time), you’ve had some opportunities to react to your husband with either a good or a bad attitude!

It has surprised me lately to realize that one of the things that I most loved about my husband had become one of the things that I had least appreciated—after twenty-eight years of marriage. Maybe I had (gasp) taken him for granted in this area!

What about you?

Do you ever become annoyed with some of the very traits that you admired in your husband way back when?

Maybe you respected the way that nothing made him angry, and he calmly reacted to each crisis. But now you wish he would show some gumption and fervor!

Maybe you admired the way that he was driven and could accomplish so much, but now it annoys you when he rushes you and places expectations upon you.

Maybe you admired the way he was methodical and patiently worked for excellence in everything he did, but now you wish he’d speed it up a little and put aside the tortoise pace.

Would you join me today in taking a couple minutes to jot down a statement of the thing you admired most about your husband back in the early days. Then follow it up with how that same character quality enhances your life today. And then, express that to your husband in the form of an email, a card, a telephone call, a special dinner, or tell him in a romantic way – using his favorite language!

Our attitude, the way we react to our circumstances, has so much power over the way we feel, and the way we treat our husband.

Change our attitude – change our marriage!

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