I love fall. Always have.

The older I get though, the more I realize what fall truly means. It’s a readying for the long and difficult season. It’s the last celebration of vibrant color grasped while it can be . . . . but it’s over too soon, so only those who greedily grab it, can partake!

Life has seasons, too.

And even though I might be closer to fall than spring in my marriage, I’m enjoying the full color of this season, and the tangy days and steamy moments of vapory breath expelled. That moment of seeing the proof that you’re alive because you’re still breathing!

Yes, life is a vapor, but I love watching the vapor appear for a moment here and there as visible tangible moments of aliveness.

But, I remember those spring moments, when new life deceived me into thinking that it would last forever. Those days of buzzing bees and rustling leaves, and the beauty of renewal and rebirth kept me so deliriously busy that I didn’t think about the coming fall.

And, so I squandered many a day rustling my leaves, and producing fruit, and enjoying the fragrance of my own blossoms, and completely ignoring the beauty all around me.

I wish I’d spent more days just lifting my boughs in praise to the heavens, glorifying the Creator, watching the clouds go by, listening to the squabbling of the squirrels, stretching my roots in the rich soil, shrugging my branches, and just glorying in the osmosis of living and breathing.

For those of you still in the springtime of marriage, let me tell you what I’d do if I was still there:

  • I’d lie on the floor and let the kids dump clean laundry all over me.
  • I’d tickle and tease them and get them all riled up.
  • I’d go outside and play when there were dishes to do.
  • I’d dump out a box of toys and let them stay all cluttered and scattered after playtime.

When it comes to marriage here’s what I’d do:

  • Never let the sun go down on wrathful words, or hurt feelings, or unresolved conflict.
  • Touch that man more often. Let his muscles ripple beneath my fingers. Glory in his youth, and strength, and idealism.
  • Be selective on which buttons I let him press!
  • Always say yes!
  • Be with him more.
  • Not expect him to be like me, or get confused when he was like him.

And, yes I sigh in remembrance over those days. . . and realize that some of the things on my list are completely unreasonable and illogical (dump clean laundry on the floor?) . . . to everything there is a season, and the season when you have the most to celebrate, you have the least energy and time and resources. . . and patience . . . and wisdom.

But, I still want to remind you that spring is over too quickly. . . fall lasts but a moment. Greedily grab all the joy you can! The eye never tires of seeing. . . and I choose to never tire of the brief and glorious colors of fall.

That’s where I’ve been lately!


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