I write a monthly marriage column for friends over here. It’s a lot of encouragement for wives and straight-talk about intimacy, parenting, and relationships between husbands and wives. Recently I wrote a fun and facetious article entitled Sneaky Ways to get Your Husband to Church this Holiday Season. I kinda think I’m uniquely prepared to write an article like this, because for thirteen years my husband didn’t go to church–except at the holidays.

The article is full of common sense strategies to find ways to celebrate faith and family, without focusing on religion, doctrine, and theology.

I was surprised that a reader didn’t appreciate my humor, and even called the theme of the article ‘manipulative’! I know that humor is a fine art, but if I missed it that much, then I need to hone my skills. 😀

What do you think? Is there a fine line between manipulation and encouragement? What’s the difference between influence and manipulation? And more importantly, if I make my husband his favorite dinner and dessert, just to make him happy–is that manipulation? 😉

Maybe we’ll talk about manipulation this week! But, first, go here and read the article!


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