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Are you ready for some romance in your marriage? It’s been a few weeks since the last holiday, and it’s time to get ready for another one–this time a romantic holiday!

But instead of focusing on just one day on the calendar, why don’t we purpose to make every day between now and Valentines Day a romantic holiday with our spouse?

Be sure to head over here and like the facebook page so you don’t miss the fun. I’m hoping that you’ll comment from time-to-time, and we can all encourage each other as we get ready for this one holiday that rewards us for all the mundane moments we endure throughout the rest of the year!

If you’re single and unattached, don’t let this time of year be a time to be alone or down in the dumps. Find ways to celebrate love with others who might be lonely, too. And recognize that there is nothing more lonely than being alone in a relationship; pray for your sisters who are struggling in their marriage.

So, get ready, by liking the facebook page, and maybe it’s time to clean out the lingerie drawer!

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