30 to romance buttonSo, what rhymes with romance? Let’s kick off our 30 Days to Romance by brainstorming a few words.

How about . . .  chance.

Let’s take a chance on romance during the next 30 days.

You might be all comfortable with your sweetie. You might feel like a fuzzy old bathrobe to him. He might feel like a worn-in pair of comfy shoes to you.

But, as the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt.

When you have the flu, or want to just lounge around and relax, the bedraggled old bathrobe is great. But sometimes you just want to get fancy, or cute, or maybe you want some adventure and some fun–and some romance, and then you might need a new outfit! 😉

So, be willing to take a chance and get a little creative. Surprise him by NOT wearing that old bathrobe in the bedroom. Tell him you want him to buy you a new one, and then don’t respond negatively when he has too much fun picking one out! Or, if you don’t want to let him go to the lingerie store by himself, pick out something that is sweet or sexy, or sensual or sassy, or satiny or seductive. Take a chance and do something a little different, and see if he likes it! He will!

What else rhymes with romance? Go to the 30 Days to Romance facebook page, like it, and then comment! Would love to have a few more comments over there as we kick off the 30 Days to Romance!

Take a chance,

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