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Over at the 30 Days to Romance Facebook page, we’re brainstorming words that rhyme with romance. Evidently we don’t have many poets in our group. 😉 If you can think of some words, hop over and give us a nudge!

Here’s one:

[quote]Enhance rhymes with romance![/quote]

Enhance is a really fun word to use coupled with romance!

I’m not talking about fake enhancements that some people might equate with romance. 😉

I’m referring to a simple genuine action that will make your husband smile and remember why he fell in love with you!

Enhance is just a little something special, a little extra, a tiny step in the right direction, icing on the cake, pretty please with a cherry on top!

On this 30 Days to Romance,  you don’t have to go through cosmetic surgery, or redecorate your bedroom, or have a make-over, or do anything elaborate to bring a little something special into your romance.

In fact, today, let’s just do one little thing to enhance our time with our husband. It can be so simple!

  • Ask him if he’d like a back rub.
  • Pick up his favorite snack when you’re grocery shopping.
  • Kiss him a little longer next time.
  • Sit on his lap.
  • Call him for no reason, and tell him why you fell in love with him.
  • Leave him a note somewhere that will surprise him.

It doesn’t have to be big or bold. See how simply you can enhance romance. And then let us know what it was over here on Facebook, so we can get some more great ideas to enhance romance, too!

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