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Sarah likes to use texting as a way to stay connected when her husband works a lot of hours.  [pullquote_left]My husband works crazy hours. Sometimes texting is a simple way to be “romantic.” ~Sarah[/pullquote_left]

Sarah is so right.

Married couples have inside jokes, that are easy and fun to remember and share through texting, or it’s fun to hint at romance, or just let him know you are thinking about him, admiring him, or wishing you were with him.

Just be sure to confirm where it’s going before you send XOXOXO or SWAK, and I’d recommend developing some shortcodes that only he understands! **// (wink wink nudge nudge)

[quote]One day my husband texted me JTAY. Made my day–once I deciphered it. Now we JTAY quite a bit.[/quote]

Make sure you’re speaking the same language, though to avoid confusion or misunderstanding! Back in the fifties, girls in poodle skirts signed yearbooks with a flourishing LOL, which meant lots of love. Now there is a whole generation of elderly bobbie-soxers who are sending their condolences via Facebook, “Sorry for your loss. LOL.”

And you’ve probably seen the texting abbreviations for senior citizens, where ROTFLACGU is short for “Rolling On The Floor Laughing, And Can’t Get Up. 😀

You’ll really be hip if you learn to use numbers in your texts like this:[box_dark]

      • CUL8R (See you later)
      • GR8 (great)
      • I<3U (I heart you)
      • J2LYK (just to let you know)
      • But be careful with the number 8, which can mean ate OR hate; never text 182, which means I hate you![/box_dark]

What about you? Have you come up with some fun codes to let him know you’re thinking about him throughout the  day?

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((())) and TTYL8R!

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