Most of the dictionary definitions classify romance as make-believe, sentimental, fanciful, a temporary love affair.

Intimacy is defined as a close association, a deep understanding, loving personal relationship.

Romance is the fantasy.

Intimacy is the real thing.

But, romance is important, too. Imagination and hopes and dreams are sometimes the only things that help us through hard and difficult times.

[quote]Romance sets the mood for the closer connection of intimacy.[/quote]

Romance is the fragrance of pot roast that signals you that you’re hungry. Intimacy is sitting down at the table and feasting!

But maybe you’ve tried to make the perfect roast, and you were famished, and sat down to eat it, and it was disappointingly dry and boring. Don’t let lack of success at one recipe make you give up trying to perfect the dish! You’ll find a good recipe. And while you’re learning how to make that perfect pot roast, have some dessert with your sweetie!

Romance doesn’t have to lead to physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is as important to a woman as physical intimacy is to a man. Sometimes a woman is content with romance that leads to emotional intimacy, and cuddling, and back rubs, and foot rubs, and hot tubs, and long walks, and holding hands, and falling asleep in his arms, no strings attached.

Romance. Emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy. It’s all delicious. Have a heaping helping this weekend!

We’re on a 30 Days to Romance challenge here and on the Facebook page. Thanks for joining us, and come back for more encouragement for marriage.

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