scoobyOur dog started limping a couple weeks ago. There were no broken bones, or apparent  injuries to the leg, but it hurt, and he began to protect his leg by walking around on three legs. Soon he could get around quite well on just three legs.

He began to cope with life differently.

He changed some routes and routines, and he was especially frustrated when he realized he couldn’t mark his territory from the left anymore.

One day, when I moved and massaged his leg, it didn’t bother him anymore.

Yet, he still wouldn’t walk on that leg. He’d become accustomed to hopping around on three legs. He couldn’t go as fast, and couldn’t travel as far, and had to think about which side of the car to mark, but it really didn’t affect his life too adversely.

The problem is that he’s beginning to lose muscle mass, and if he goes long enough without using that leg, he’ll decide he can live without a perfectly healthy leg, and just learn to live without the use of it altogether.

What a shame, that he’d give up his leg so easily and without a fight.  So, we’re massaging his leg and the whole family is encouraging him to use his leg, and now he’s putting weight on it. It’s like he remembered that he actually had a leg. He’ll thank us some day!

What things have you just learned to live without, because the pain of pressing through to success is more difficult than living without it?

Is intimacy one of those things? Have you just learned to live with less than ideal satisfaction and success, just because it’s too painful to pursue? Is it easier without the hurt and the hassle?

Reconsider. Stretch out a little. Give some attention to that important part of your life. Don’t let it go without a fight. It’s worth the investment of some time and energy. . . and risk. God said about marriage and intimacy and covenant: “It is very good.” So, don’t avoid the thrill of romance, just because you’re a little tender about your fragile relationship with intimacy.

Don’t be afraid of the what-ifs. . .

Join us for on this 30 Day challenge to Romance.

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