Vineyards, like relationships have seasons.


Relationships have seasons like a vineyard;

It’s not fair to appraise the health of a vineyard based on the appearance of the vines in the wintery season.

Visit a vineyard in the winter, and it looks like brush that needs to be burned.

In the spring the grape arbors will be lush vibrant bowers of greenery.

Fall brings its own vibrancy in the tangy fruit of the vine.

[quote]Relationships, like vineyards, have seasons; each season brings its own style, but the harvest is dependent on the successful completion of each cycle.[/quote]

Do you find yourself in a season of gloom and cold and hidden growth? Don’t despair; it’s just a season that is necessary before harvest comes around again. Hold on. Winter won’t last forever. Come spring. . .

Just like you make a pot of tea, spread out your seed catalogs, and plot your flower beds on a cold dreary wintery day, take a moment today envision the beauty of your marriage. . . come spring.

The daffodils are still in bloom, the hyacinths are fragrant, and the magnolia blossoms are beginning to swell. . . here in my neck of the woods!

Hope the beauty of spring is blooming in your marriage! If not, don’t despair. . . spring is coming!

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