30 Days to Intimacy; perfect work

30 Days to Intimacy; perfect work

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Most life problems will eventually work themselves out in the bedroom. Not worked out like it will miraculously fall away like a trick knot. These problems need to be worked out like a knotted muscle. Deep tissue massage with a Svedish Helga kneading out the knots like she’s paid by the groan.

Ignoring the ache of marriage pain will allow the muscle to knot up and twist, and eventually cause excruciating spasms. It’s better to work marriage problems out sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until the pain erupts right in the middle of an intimate moment, like a primal roar when that sore muscle is stretched.

Have you noticed the marital bed is unfailing in its ability to reveal tenderness in these areas?

  • our biggest vulnerabilities (veiled as fear)
  • our selfishness (sometimes veiled as self consciousness)
  • our pride (veiled as unforgiveness)
  • our false humility (sometimes veiled as shyness or reserve)
  • our self-righteousness (veiled as false spirituality)
  • our unforgiveness (veiled as contempt)
  • our hidden sins (revealing the need for repentance)

The marital bed will also reveal our greatest gifts:

  • love
  • kindness
  • sharing
  • gentleness
  • patience
  • joy

If your marital sexuality is a painful reminder of past failures, hidden pain, unresolved conflict–leaving one or both of the marriage partners feeling sore and uptight, there is hope. God said that marriage is VERY GOOD!

God designed the intimacy of marriage to be a great gift, a way to perfect, protect, heal, and restore our partner.

So, if the massaging of marriage is hitting some knotted muscles—good!

[quote]Relax and let patience have its perfect work, of letting our relationships soothe our deepest aches. [/quote]

Work it out in the bedroom. Don’t pull back in pain. Heal each other through massage and intimacy as you tenderly, patiently, and bravely lay hands on the soreness.

Shari Popejoy