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It begins young — the squirmy worm held out to the pigtailed girl —  she screams and runs, he chases, and the race is on.

Boys love to get a reaction from girls.

And men love to get a reaction from women–unless it feels like rejection.

Somewhere the game goes awry, and reaction is seen as rejection.

Men are very sensitive to rejection.

Sometimes what he views as rejection is simply reaction.

Reaction is simply a natural response or reflex, or an involuntary response to stimuli related to unknown causes. If your reaction to his advances is seen as rejection, explore together how to change the reaction to a response so that you come together instead of pulling apart.

You might enjoy reading today’s devotion for more about reaction and rejection from 30 Days to Intimacy, which you can download here.

Even though it’s natural to pull away from things that cause a reaction, if there is an unexpected reaction during intimacy, the stimuli can always be adjusted in order to get a more favorable reaction! Work together! Turn that reaction into response.

If he needs a helpful hint or a friendly reminder about how to approach you with success — give him a clue!

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