intimacy is about relating;


It’s Saturday, and the Saturday Grapevine is back!

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Intimacy is About Relating

Today, the Saturday Grapevine is not for the birds.

Did you know that parrots have an interesting courtship ritual? They regurgitate for their prospective mate, and then it’s light the candles–dinner for two! This strange date night is preparation for those days of feeding the chicks, but odd nonetheless!

The animal kingdom exhibits a lot of interesting mating rituals, but I’m glad I’m not a lady parrot! I prefer chocolate as a mood-enhancer!

And since we don’t do like the animals do, marital intimacy is more than an act; it’s about connecting, and loving, and expressing respect, and offering support and healing, and establishing an intimate and lifelong bond with our spouse.

[quote]Intimacy is expressing love and connecting on an intimate level with the person you love, and have committed to in a lifelong covenant.[/quote]

Physical intimacy isn’t about drudgery, or duty, or defrauding.  If it just becomes about duty, it loses its appeal.

Intimacy is an expression of love and devotion.

And he wants to relate to you. He doesn’t enjoy the quick completion of a duty of drudgery as much as he enjoys those moments when you give yourself completely to him in devotion, affection, intimacy, in a beautiful act of the expression of love.

[quote]Intimacy is not about ritual; it’s about relating.[/quote]

Celebrate the fact that you’re not stuck into a ritual by doing something new and exciting this weekend!


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