The winner of the FREE book for comments is Alycia, and the answer to the riddle:

What is impossible to buy, can be had in exchange for nothing, and costs you everything?

The answer is LOVE and/or SALVATION.  The two words can be synonymous.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16.

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Alycia, email me and let me know which book you want, and give me some shipping details.  Congratulations!

You can check out the books at; here is a brief synopsis:

A book for wives

An autobiographical story of God’s redemptive work in marriage.  This book is a conversation with the reader, telling the story of the miracle of God’s kindness in responding to the prayers of a wife, in order to restore a lost lamb, and in the process restored a marriage and family.

This book is great for women who are praying for their husband.  If you know a woman who is struggling in her marriage, this would make a great gift — but it’s more than just for faltering marriages.  Some of the lessons from ‘100 Days to My Anniversary!‘ are covered in-depth.

Volume I of The Livingstone Library

‘Speak No Evil’ is the first book of The Livingstone Library, an allegorical fantasy for young people that features advanced vocabulary, introduction to scientific principles, admirable characters, and a mysterious story plot!

What if everything you thought was true was just a reflection of what others said?  Join the Livingstones as they journey into an altered reality where illusion is real and reality is a reflection of the truth.

A book for music lovers!

Using musical metaphors to tell an underlying spiritual truth, ‘Song of Rebellion’ tells the story of a visitor to Rhemawood.  A dark cloud seems to follow the pretty girl, unexplained disasters follow her, and why won’t she look into the mirror of truth?  And what happened to the music?  What evil deed has caused the song to become harsh and dissonant?  Is there anything that can set her free from this symphony of selfishness?

Volume IV is a 'BLAST' -- great for guys!

What if circumstances were so dark that you were unable to see the truth, and had to rely on outside responses to guide you back to the light?  What happens when a mythological world collides with Rhemawood?  The Livingstones tireless quest for truth will shed some light on what has toppled Joe from his pedestal and plunged him into a world of darkness, as they discover the meaning of ‘Opere et viritate’.

Great for gardeners!Is it possible that buried within each person lies a germ of potential, a seed, that with proper care can unleash a great harvest of possibilities?  If so, how does an individual discover the hidden treasure, and release the potential?  Join the Livingstones as they solve the mystery of buried treasure at Rhemawood, and in the process discover clues for unlocking the hidden potential of the human spirit.

A realistic look at a public school!

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the classroom?  Do you wish your highschooler would tell you about his day, but secretly fear to hear the truth?  Would you like to be a fly on the wall and see a typical highschool student’s day?  This book looks at the public school culture from the perspective of a student who discovered that the culture had shaped the students in a way that was disappointing, unnecessary and sad.  Interesting viewpoint.

Or, you can reserve a copy of ‘Wrestling Shadows’, a soon-to-be released book, where the reader gets an intimate look into the heart of Rachael Livingstone, as she forges a loyal friendship with a rescued horse.  As she trains this horse, she must wrestle with the shadows of past pain and fear for both of them, breaking through to the light of truth.

Pick one!