To me, Mother’s Day isn’t about the noun, but about the verb.

I honor all the women summed up by the noun mother, but even more, I admire all the women who fulfill the verb mother.

Mother isn’t just a person, but any act of service that cares for, protects, nurtures, and loves another.

If I were in charge of Mother’s Day, I would change the part of speech so that instead of Mother’s Day being a day for mothers (an adjective describing the noun), we could all practice the art of mothering by honoring all who mother as an act of love, an active verb.

If we made Mother’s Day about the verb instead of the noun, we might:

  • Offer a Sunday morning service that promotes healing and hope for all women, and honors non-mothers, too. We would honor women like Mother Teresa, who birthed babies from her heart as a role model to teach other women to mother each other in this hurting and hopeless world. Mother is not just a noun that describes a person, but it is also a verb.
  • Honor all women who give birth to beauty  (future mothers, mothers of the heart, little girls who need to nurture and protect their mothering heart, and yes, even those women who never want to be mothers).
  • Reach out to all who might not understand the term mother as a verb. For those who don’t have someone to make their life comfortable, beautiful, safe, and full of songs and stories, let’s mother them on Mother’s Day!
  • Remove the apostrophe s in Mother’s Day and just call it Mother Day. That little apostrophe denotes ownership by mothers of that day. By removing the apostrophe, mother becomes a verb–an action–to mother!

This year, join me as we modify the grammar on the celebration of Mother’s Day! Do this by using your mothering skills that you have perfected over the years to mother–love and console and encourage and affirm all the women and girls you see! You don’t have to do anything special–you just have to be the wonderful person you are. Just be!

This year, let’s make Mother’s Day about the verb, and not about the noun or adjective!

Happy Mother Day!

shari popejoy;