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[quote]”I miss the days when a hug could fix anything,” I sighed to my husband[/quote]

The kids were driving, and leaving home for school, and the challenges they faced as teens and young adults were capable of producing more pain than a simple skinned knee.

I longed for the days when I could fix everything by just scooping them up, holding them, kissing them, and soothing them with a cuddle.

With their bigger world came bigger dangers, and the opportunity for bigger heartbreak. And I knew I could no longer solve all the problems they would face, with my love alone.

[quote]”You still can,” my husband reminded me.[/quote]

And then I went to my favorite place in the world. I let him wrap me in his strong arms, and I felt his love and care, and I knew he was right.

I might have lost some of the super powers I had when they were babies, but I still possess the most powerful gift of all–love!

And a hug still fixes everything–at least for the moment!

Hurry home Husband!

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