Welcome to day four ladies!

We hope that this journey is already having an impact on you, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually!

We have a new printable for you to display in a prominent place, whether it be your Bible, bathroom mirror or car.

food for thought day 4(Click the image to print!)

What is weighing you down today?

I tend to feel insecure about my job, I doubt my ability, skill and creativity. Imagine what a difference it could make if I could lay those insecurities at the feet of my loving Savior, and instead work freely with the confidence of Him who gave me skill instead of holding onto the weight of doubt.

And what about food! Is there a small adjustment you could make? I’m making macaroons today, but instead of eating all the “uglies”, I can eat a handful of almonds! Small adjustment, but a big help!

If you are just joining us on this journey, we would love for you to download Shari’s book:

We are all on this path together even if we start separately! Join in, make changes, and see what can happen in 30 days!
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