Shari Popejoy

Won Without Words takes you on the very personal journey of a wife learning to love her husband completely. In turn, she gets the husband she’s always dreamed of and begins to live a life of joy in their marriage. The process wasn’t fast or easy, and it took a huge dose of trusting the Lord.

Shari Popejoy has a story to share with you. The story is about marital discontent, disconnection, and pain. Why does she open up so frankly and honestly about the struggles of her marriage? She desires to help other wives learn how to live in a joyful and fulfilling marriage as she has now found. How did she find a better marriage? Through prayer and actually putting into practice the principles the Lord was teaching her in the Bible. Those principles include such things as putting aside pride, letting go of the need to win arguments, supporting a husband even when you think you have a better idea, and generally loving him even when he’s unlovable.

Ms. Popejoy gives stories about what was going on in her marriage and specific things the Lord was teaching her at various times. Once she began to get the hang of one thing, like not criticizing her husband for instance, the Lord would reveal something new for her to work on. In other words, the Lord was working on her. Her. And asking her to let Him handle her husband.

She believes that through the unconditional love she started showing her husband, even when he didn’t deserve it, his heart began to soften toward not only her but also toward the Lord. In the end, her husband comes back to the Lord after a long time spent in the desert and comes back to a real relationship with his wife too.

The message throughout the book is very good. Loving the unlovable makes a difference. Trusting the Lord with blind faith makes a difference. I found the writing style, however, to be a bit of a stumbling block for me. The flow was somewhat choppy. Oftentimes, I felt like I was listening to the author speak rather than reading a flowing story. I also felt like she took me on a few rabbit trails that eventually got back to the point but weren’t entirely necessary. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this book to a friend who might be struggling in her marriage. In fact, most wives could benefit from the reminder that we catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010