100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Don’t Punish Him

When your husband is drawn to you. . . when he pulls his head out of his job, or his hobbies, or his moods, and he has time for you. . . don’t punish him!!! Don’t treat him with the attitude of, “Oh, so now you have time for me? Well, maybe I’m busy. . . polishing my nails. . . or going out with my girlfriends. . . or . . .or. . . something.”

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Intimacy & Romance, Marriage

Saturday Grapevine: Reaction vs. Response

The two shall pour themselves into each other in such a way that the marriage reflects a new creation, a blending of talents and gifts into a new entity that never existed before, so well infused that the parts can never be separated, a new melded material of matter too awesome to be listed on the periodic table of elements!

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